All about Hotels in Yosemite


Yosemite is one of the most beautiful places all over the world. People travel to Yosemite in order to witness its grandeur views and National Park. For the travellers who want to stay overnight, this article would be your guide in looking for the most suitable hotel that you need.


1.            The Ahwahee Hotel - this hotel was established in 1927. The main infrastructure consists of more than 300 square feet and provide a lot of wonderful views of the Yosemite's rock formations. The hotel rooms feature modernized air conditioner, refrigerators, telephones, flat screen televisions, and bathroom dryers. Also, the room's design is inspired by the Native American accent.


Yosemite Hotels has cottage room too. Its cottages were established in 1928 which are situated about a hundred yards behind the main building. In order to reach the cottage, you have to take a nice stroll through the pine trees over the small creek. Moreover, the Ahwahee cottages have various accommodations as the ultimate feature of the hotel rooms except that they don't have air conditioner. However, the rooms are still cool because of the ceiling fan together with the shade of some pine trees and dogwoods.


2.            Yosemite Lodge - the rooms in these Yosemite Hotels are huge with full-scale bathrooms, balcony or patio, dressing areas, chairs, and tables. There are also some wheelchair-friendly rooms. There are mini refrigerators, hair dryers, and whole body mirrors in each room.


The Yosemite Lodge gives easy access to the trail in the Lower Yosemite Falls which is one of the famous spots in the valley. Also, the Yosemite Lodge has their swimming pool, grocery store, restaurants, bike rentals, and many more.


3.            Curry Village - this is probably the most popular and diverse of all the hotels. The rooms would vary from motel rooms, to the specialty cabins, and to the tent cabins.


Curry Village has numerous amenities such as swimming pool, rock climbing store, bike rentals, ice cream patio, taco stands, pizza patio, guest lounge, and buffet.


4.            Housekeeping Camp - its units has three concrete walls, double layers of roof, and concrete flooring. Its sleeping quarter has two single-sizes foldable down beds with foam mattresses, a double bed, and electricity outlets. For the fifth and sixth person, they are provided with cots. Moreover, you can rent for some additional cots for an added price.


5.            Wawona - it is located in the south portion of the park. It has a golf shop, dining room, Saturday night barbeques, and Sunday Brunch during the month of July. Check this out:


Its rooms vary from every room; there are some rooms that have their private bathroom, while other rooms do not.

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